"I love chili and its "burning" effect. If you guys are chiliheads too, why would you want to extinguish that effect?" 

We love the chili burn and effects just as much as anyone else! We're simply trying to alleviate the burn when you've taken it a bit too far and the burn has become unbearable.  We're also trying to save those who aren't necessarily chili pepper eaters and mistakenly went overboard with the chili; whether attempting to complete a wing challenge or any other chili "over-burn" related incident.

What is the difference between your casein powder products and say, generic casein products I can pick up at my local supplement store?

Our unique casein protein products are custom formulated and exclusively manufactured for The Pepper Police™ and are strategically produced to deliver a higher concentrated, more potent dose of casein per overall ounce in addition to other strategically infused active ingredients involved in the process of dissolving capsaicin.  This way, you get more casein compounds strategically concentrated per ounce; essentially dissolving the binded capsaicin molecules to help extinguish the most excruciating of flames! When you purchase The Pepper Police™ products, rest assured that you're receiving top quality, uniquely developed and specially formulated products specifically designed to help extinguish the chili pepper flames!

Why did you choose the name "The Pepper Police™ when your logo and theme are based on firefighters?

We fully anticipated and considered this question at the outset of our brand identity and development process.  Aside from a law enforcement police officer, “police” can also be used as a verb meaning to have the duty of maintaining law and order; in this case, making sure chili peppers respect their boundaries.  When chilis disrupt law and order, The Pepper Police™ comes to the fire rescue.  We like to think of The Pepper Police™ as a hybrid between policing the chili pepper as well as coming to the fire rescue and extinguishing the burn of the chili pepper when law and order is thrown into chaos.

How much casein do your wipe/powder products contain?

Our wipe and casein powder products respectively contain a different amount of casein due to their unique nature.  ETC.

Should I treat the The Pepper Police™ as a nutritional supplement?

Caseins are a type of protein.  Therefore, The Pepper Police™ Casein Powder should most definitely be treated as a nutritional supplement and only the recommended dosage should be consumed.  Please see instructions and directions on label.

Why are your casein products relatively expensive?

Micellar Casein is considered a specialty product due its manufacturing process that has only been around for a few years and has not yet been scaled-up to the equivalent production capacities found with whey protein which result in higher costs.  The Pepper Police™ casein powders as well as our casein wipes are produced to the highest industry standards, in state-of-the-art facilities, and contain considerable amounts of casein to deliver an unprecedented, superior quality product to our consumers. 

Are your products immediately effective?

Yes.  Upon consumption, use. or application, our unique casein products immediately begin the process of breaking down the capsaicin compounds that attach themselves to mucous membranes.

What type of future products do you have planned?

We have many exciting and unique products planned for future development and introduction as well as various products currently in development.  We can't say too much or go into detail regarding our future product development portfolio however we can tell you that there are plenty of exciting and exceptionally useful products in the works!

Are your wipe products flushable?

Yes, our wipe products are entirely and safely flushable.  While we initially wanted to produce our wipes with a much thicker texture/substrate, we quickly learned that thickness of the substrate affects the ability for the wipe to be considered “flushable” by USFDA standards as well as complicates the absorption process of the solution itself.  Other wipes, such as the majority of baby wipes, can't claim to be flushable and are thicker in nature because they are meant to be disposed of in the trash, usually within the diaper itself, and not necessarily flushed down the toilet.  Therefore, our wipes are produced with a substrate that is in accordance with FDA standards and regulations and comply with the FDAs definition of what they consider to be safely “flushable.”