About us

The Pepper Police™ was founded and established by fellow “chiliheads” and charged with one ultimate objective: Design and develop products specifically formulated to help extinguish the scorching flames caused by chili peppers at entry, exit, and upon contact.

We, at The Pepper Police™, are avid chili pepper eaters and enthusiasts. Aficionados and fanatics. We put chili on our ice cream; we put chili on our mosquito bites. We carry chili in our pockets and use it as after-shave. The Pepper Police™ is dedicated to protecting you and the person you dared to eat an habanero pepper from suffering the fiery wrath of the chili pepper.

Our Story

After one too many panic-stricken experiences of scorched mouths, drooling uncontrollably on ourselves, and crying in the bathroom pleading the chili pepper to stop its brutal onslaught whilst waving a white flag, we decided to take the battle to the chili pepper and headed for the science lab to develop new products and formulations to combat the unforgiving wrath of the chili pepper or more specifically, capsaicin; the acting chemical compound responsible for making so many of us scorch upon consumption and crawl into the fetal position should you have survived the “Battle on the Throne."

Moreover, we were frustrated with ineffective home remedies and “my Aunt said to try…” methods and decided to get down to the root cause of the chili pepper burn and address the issue head-on with a scientific approach. Alas, The Pepper Police™ was founded and established.

Determined to develop an effective formula and after months at the drawing board, chemical and compound research, and various formulations and testing, The Pepper Police™ successfully produced superior capsaicin neutralizing formulas that proved to be effective in helping extinguish the scorching flames resulting from chili pepper consumption and topical contact.

The Pepper Police™ is the first and only company to address the burning (t)issues many chili pepper consumers experience when exposed to excessive amounts of capsaicin. We’re extremely proud as a team and company to have the humbling pleasure of proclaiming that through the use of our unique products and formulations, we’re able to help chili lovers and “chiliheads” all over the world (or people who just lost a bet) enjoy their favorite chili peppers and spicy foods without all of the “over-burn” side effects. As an added benefit, to ensure our commitment to quality isn't compromised, all of our products are proudly produced in state-of-the-art facilities in the United States of America.

When we founded The Pepper Police™, we wanted to build a company around one core principle: design and develop new and innovative products specifically formulated to help extinguish the scorching flames caused by chili peppers. However, we debated on how best to deliver our work and results to our consumers without coming off like a bunch of geeks talking about elaborate chemical compounds, reactions, and mucous membranes. Although we're chili pepper enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, we're also huge fans of pranks, comedy, and humor in general. Then, it hit us in the stomach like spicy food after 15 minutes: we'll present our work, products, and company with a blend of scientific approach and an added dose of humor. Alas, our company culture of science, humor, chili and developing and delivering superior products was born.

Though we have made significant accomplishments in the field of helping extinguish chili pepper flames, that’s not to say our mission of designing and developing innovative products specifically for chili pepper consumers is complete. We are constantly striving to improve our current formulations and products as well as exploring new and safe methods of effectively neutralizing capsaicin effects. Additionally, we currently have various other innovative products in the development process that will help all chili eaters extinguish the flames. With your continued support and valued feedback, we’ll be able to bring these and many more innovative products specifically formulated for the chili pepper eating community to the worldwide table.